Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kuuga 1-5 Blu Ray Edition

A Blazing Revival

Yo, sorry (again), lots of IRL stuff happening. Was going to wait until we had more episodes to do a batch or something, but figure why wait?  I guess I'll do 5 episode chunks as that's what our typesetter is aiming for.

edit:  Files have been updated with slightly tweaked typesetting.

MKV Folder: MEGA Folder
MP4 Folder: MEGA Folder
Scripts: MEGA link
Grongi Scripts: MEGA link
Patches: MEGA link

As I explained HERE with the release of episodes 1-5 of the Blu Ray edition, episodes 1-5 of the DVD releases have been retired. The files have been deleted from our MEGA folders.  They will not go back up. 

 Translation - HeatMetal
Additional Translation - Bergelmir
Timing - Corin
Typesetting - Tokugami
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - Jeeg, WeeaboShogun, Tom Constantine & Starseeker

As for the Kuuga DVD v3 batch 3?  We're still waiting on signs.  Same deal as my last update, we're waiting on WeeabooShogun/Sailor Otaku to get back to us with sign translations.  As you know, he's in the midst of working on his own fansubs of Solbrain right now, as well as some IRL issues, so he's been feeding me the signs very slowly on his own time. I will in all honesty, probably have to start releasing episodes from the v3 batch as single DDLs and make a torrent batch later if this continues.