Monday, July 18, 2016



A kind soul uploaded them to ADC and our beloved spiritual sister, Bunnyhat, is making raws with them and directly uploading to our ftp as she goes! She is truly going above and beyond, going as far as to actively use the BD footage to reconstruct certain special features.

With the current lull in working on DVD Batch 3  (my friend in Kobe who was translating the signs quit on me so I'm asking weeaboo shogun to help out but we'll have to wait for him to get free time), I am working on applying our subs on the blu ray raws.

So some important things to note:
-We won't be doing a torrent *just* yet, but I will be making a new MEGA folder as I upload them.

-We have decided to retire the DDLs for the DVD releases and will be slowly phasing then out (ie. When the MKV and MP4 of episode 1 BD goes up, I will take down ep 1 DVD, and so on)

-We have FINALLY recruited a typesetter. So the Blu Ray releases will actually have competent typesetting :V

-Regarding the ep 1&2 "movie": We just got this timed. Don't expect it until after DVD batch 3 is out and work on DVD Batch 4 begins.
EDIT: Our original translator, Zetta, has agreed to very briefly come out of retirement to tl this once he finishes an important move in the coming months!

-Regarding the special features:
I can promise without hesitation that we will be doing the Battle Selections as well as as many promos as possible and the creditless OP/ED videos.
We will, sadly, most likely not be doing the interviews or the data files as I don't think any of the tls I know would have the patience to do them. Not for free anyway.