Monday, February 8, 2016

Masked Rider Kuuga 23-25 V3 (+15,16,22 V3.2) Release

 Sorry again for the delay.  The translation issue that caused me to leave 23-25 out of the last release persisted as I looked around for a second opinion on it.  In came @WeeaboShogun on twitter, who agreed to look it over and came with a decision everyone was happy with.

And since this was late, decided to piggyback some ...V3.2s(?) to the release.
15 - Added some missing lines, changed the wording of a scene, and added subs for what the Gouram is saying.
16 - changed the wording of a line that was bothering me.
 22 - Added subs for what Gouram is saying

Translation - Zetta
Additional Translation - Bergelmir & Weeaboo Shogun
Timing - Corin
Editing & QC - Kilo
Grongi Cipher - melodicwaffle
Encoding - bunnyhat
Special Thanks - ARDM, UK Windom Anon, Starseeker

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  1. Are you even aware that there are blu-rays of Kuuga now? You should buy those and use those raws. Just take those raws and apply your subs to them. Get rid of all the low-quality ones you currently have and apply your subs to the HD blu-ray ones

    1. Do.

      Christ alive.

    2. We will do them once BunnyHat puts out the raw torrent.

    3. Another dumbass who doesn't deserve to be replied to... Like Mariner said, do it yourself!! What is it with people being so damn entitled??

  2. is there any new updates for the series? tired of waiting

    1. Working on batch 3 right now. Waiting on a few things (sign translations, tl checking a few scenes, etc) before we post it.

      batch 3 will be episodes 26-38

    2. Kilowog don't even reply to dicks like this... It's one thing to politely ask how things are coming along, but it's completely different to say you're 'tired of waiting'. Kira, you're welcome to do the work yourself, if MCS isn't doing it fast enuf for you!!!

  3. Can you reupload the script and Grongi Script for Softsubs and 60fps Softsubs please...