Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dekaranger vs. Abaranger V2

So guys, I believe at one point we promised to redo the Abaranger vs Dekaranger movie. Here it is.

Our Rampaging Bro Magenta redid the translation and we worked together with Over-Time for the Dekaranger lines. This will probably be the most definitive version of this movie ever (until we get BD raws or something).

Some credit where it's due naturally:

Magenta - tl (aba focus)
'DekaMaster' HeatMetal - tl (deka focus)
Sjutton & AbareAnon (original release)

Timers: Makhazol, 'Murphy' Ignis (songs), Mystery (original release)

QCs: 'DekaSwan', 'DekaOrange' Alkaid, Lynxara, Kilowog, Misha, ShinkenAnon

DVD source: Frumix

Encoder: Gustavaum

Above all, enjoy this great example of Super Sentai team-ups and look foward to future Dekaranger releases from our bros.

.mkv torrent


edit: Bump and Updated a week late