Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black Manga Volume 3 (& status update)

HappyScans! & MCS are happy to present volume 3 of the Kamen Rider Black manga, meaning we are now at the halfway point!

Also since it's been a while since any news has been posted, general state of MCS:

Abaranger - Dropped by us.  Due to a private matter I won't discuss here, MCS' involvement with Abaranger translated by magenta is over.  If he wishes to continue translating the series or not is his decision.  I for one wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to do regardless of his decision.

Da-Garn - As I've said many times KouAidou's done with translating Da-Garn, she just needs to do her second check to make sure he didn't make any errors.  But the main problem is that she's currently translating a crapton of Sentai series, so that's eating her time.  I have complete faith that she will revisit Da-Garn, but that's up to her.

France Five - When zetta said he was done with translating, this meant FF as well.  If you know french and would be up for this series, I'm sure kira from Hikari-Senshi would be thrilled.

Gavan - Basically dropped.  There *IS* a translator out there who has expressed interest in picking up where Zetta left off, but I'm not going to force the issue, if he wants to do it, I'm willing to wait for him to approach me as he's currently busy with his own projects.

Kabuto & Den-O - Restating that these are dropped in case anyone didn't know this already.

Kuuga v3 - ... :(  There have been a lot of issues, first of which is that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we get a new timer for this series, SOMETHING happens and they have to back out.  Another issue is that basically the entire staff who would work on this (myself included) are currently busy with a little side project. With the lack of news of a 2nd season, this will open us up to finally finish Stronger & take a crack at this.  I really can't apologize enough.

Sharivan - Flat out dropped.

Stronger - Only reason this hasn't progressed at all is basically because of Jojo.  We actually have all the episodes up to finale roughly translated and a good chunk tl checked.  All we need is to make edit passes on them, get our buddy MobiusOne time fixing the sjutton eps, after which we'll go through them and make them consistent with our current releases.

Black Manga - Back on track, halfway done.  Raws are in hands of cleaners, we have our buddy Mr. BunnyHat qcing the manga and redhood promises to get the last 3 volumes tld as soon as he can spare.

SPIRITS - Our new joining of MCScans & Happy Scans has revived this project.  We have alkaid from OT going over our previous releases and we have a new typesetter andcleaner.  Only issue is that happyscans wants to get all of Black done before even thinking about SPIRITS, which is an idea that makes sense.  So bear with us please, we will definitely start releasing once Black is finished.

Insector - Actually almost done.

Also yes I am aware someone reported our mediafire account.  I'll start looking for another site for ddls and try to finally fix the download page