Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Manga volume 2 (also volume 1 v2)

Sorry for that ungodly wait, we had to get a few things sorted, but we're back along with our good buddies from HappyScans!

Also here's a v2 for volume 1, there were a few things that bugged RedHood so we got around to changing them.

Two things I want to get out of the way first:

1). We've received some complaints about the wording and overall quality of translation.  In the interest of full disclosure: after searching and searching and searching to the point where anyone would have given up, the ONLY raws for this manga we found were in chinese.  We don't really know if these are the official chinese release, a chinese fan translation or what, but out of, I guess overzealous love of Ishinomori and Rider, we went right ahead and gave it our all.  If ANYONE can hook us up with unchanged japanese scans, you're damn right we'll do it again, but for now this is what we have, we're not half assing it.

2). SPIRITS.  Ah yes, Spirits.  Now you've made me sad.  TL for volume 9 wasn't entirely pleased with qc work, so we're looking for new qcs (we've burned through a number of them) so that we can release v2s of 8 and 9, and then FINALLY release volumes 10 and 11 (which we've actually had tld #killmenow)

Da-Garn 33 & 34 -

Those druids sure were a crafty bunch

Well, you knew it was coming -- Da Garn's shown glimpses of it in the past, what with its animals and its nature-destroying monsters and all, but here's where the show really begins its irreparable slide into full-on tree-hugging. And I love it.

More on that in the episodes to come, though. For now, enjoy more Yanchar-related hilarity, and Violetche being a truly class A scheming dick.
Also 34 has a plotline revolving around the characters throwing Yanchar a surprise party.  It's hilarious, really has some great Seiji/Yanchar interactions and really has some really great characterization for Yanchar.  Poor little awesome dude ;.;

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