Monday, October 29, 2012

Da-Garn 29 -

Here's a new episode of Da Garn, which features an all-important lesson of Yuusha series: if all else fails, combine it. It is to my regret that later series learned that lesson all too well...

Here's some new links

MKV - MEGA link
MP4 - MEGA link

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kamen Rider Kuuga MV - Zetta's last ride

It's only fitting we did it.
Midnight Crew Subs would like to thank founding member and translator Zetta for all his hard work over the years and especially for his heroic effort in subbing Kamen Rider Kuuga. To this day, that Kuuga sub has been downloaded over 30.000 times through various means and it formed the last missing link to complete the subbed heisei Kamen Rider series.

Zetta will be leaving the group to pursue his education further, but he's not leaving us without a farewell present. To end his subbing career, he subbed, timed and encoded the recently released Kamen Rider Kuuga Music Video. We wish him the very best and we hope you all enjoy Zetta's final project as a Kamen Rider Subber.