Saturday, March 31, 2012

GARO Makai Senki Episode 25

Here we are with the final episode of this season. This is a clip show. Nothing much more can be said about it.

HD Torrent:

SD Torrent:


SD DDL: Coming soon

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Abaranger Episode 5

I don't really have anything I could possibly add to this image.

mkv 05

mp4 05

script 05

Also it's been a while hasn't it? First gust goes on vacation, then mak goes on vacation, then the .iso ended up being corrupted, it was like someone didn't want us releasing this show. Big ol' thanks to everyone in Team Aba © for soldiering on and putting up with me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

GARO Makai Senki Episode 24

Another season done. Thanks to everyone for sticking with us and a big thanks to O-T for working with us on this.


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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gavan Promo

This is a triple joint project between Bunny Hat (The original group working on Gavan), Hikari-Senshi (Our bros that we've worked with before) and ourselves to help bring you Gavan at a great pace! Right now, we have the promo for you guys. We’re going to batch the first 5 since Bunny Hat already released 1-4, and I’m sure you’ve seen those already. After that we’re really not sure how it’s going to be released. We'll see.

Promo .mkv

The promo is only in mkv because it's only 30 seconds long and multiple versions would be far too much effort for something that short.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Status Update on Everything Ever

Yo, abi got around to giving Zetta and I editing privileges, figured I'd start off by getting you all up to speed on everything we're working on, and possibly answer some questions you've been having.

Burstosaur Squad Abaranger (not a joint with Æsir Subs :x)
.mkv folder
.mp4 folder
script folder
(note these are the final v2s with the new changes made to terminology and whatnot. We have not made the new mp4 for Deka vs Aba yet)
Back on track after suffering three major setbacks, one right after the other. 5 is being worked on, and all looks to be going well. It is my personal hope we can get to AbareKiller's debut before the end of the year.

Team Aba:
Magenta - TL/Typeset
Lynxara - Lead QC/Editor
Makhazol - Timer
ShinkenAnon - Timing QC
Gustavaum - Raw Encoder
'Mysterious Mr. Log' - .ISO provider
Kilowog - Muxer/Hardsub encoder
The DekaAnons - Joint TL/Timing/QC for Deka vs Aba
sjutton/abareanon/mystery/decaend - Former TL/Timer

The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn (Joint with Hikari-Senshi)
...have already been posted here
Expect more eps, we have all the scripts currently posted on J2E-Pro timed and are working to release them ASAP.

Team Da-Garn:
KouAidou - Translator
Kilowog - QC/Editor/secondary Hardsub encoder
SgtKira - QC/Editor/Time checker & Muxer/primary Hardsub encoder
gunlord - Timer
Chirlind, Exedore & many more - providers of raw materials/torchbearers

Masked Rider Den-O [Scrub]
HD .mkv folder
DVD .avi/.mp4 folder
DVD script folder
This project is on indefinite hiatus for Gavan. We have all unanimously decided that new subbed content must take priority to scrubs. We would all very much like to return to this project and do it right. Hopefully once Gavan is done, we can return to this, or who knows we might be able to milk some eps or specials from Zetta? Sorry to all waiting.

Team Den-O:
Zetta - Translation checker/editor
Ignis - Timing/Typeset
Gustavaum - Encoder of HD raws/Muxer
Kilowog - QC/Hardsub encoder
Doujin2002 - DVD raw encoder

Masked Rider Kabuto [Scrub]
Series has not been reupped yet due to slight retooling with phrasing and timing, also I'm still holding onto the idea of editing the dub audio into a final .mkv.
Straight up on indefinite hiatus. Definitely the lowest priority right now, when and if we get the chance to have zetta back on scrubbing, Den-O would likely take priority. We'd certainly like to return to this as Zetta had some cool ideas with how he wanted to go, but no promises.

Team Kabuto (as of the hiatus):
Zetta - Translation checker/editor
Kilowog - QC/Editor/Muxer/Hardsub encoder/shitty time editor
Some brazilian dudes - Timing
Gustavaum - Raw encoder

Masked Rider Kuuga v3
Delayed as the v2s have now become the Kuuga v3s. See below.
Also torrent for the V1s still exist here
We have enlisted new help, and much, much better raws that blow the ones I made right out of the water. We plan to release v3s of all the eps we released v2s all at once when ready and then I guess label everything a v3? Slight setbacks have occurred, but please be assured we're making this a priority once everything is sorted.

The ALL-NEW Team Kuuga:
Zetta - Original TL
Steel A Jeeg - Supreme overlord of QC/Editing
Makhazol - Timer
BunnyHat - Raw provider
Kilowog - Muxer/Hardsub Encoder
ARDM - Provider of Grongi subbed raws
Any TL I can on irc at the time (usually HeatMetal or Magenta) - Grongi TL
SapphireMagnum - former timer
Abigail - Original sub QC, Timer and Encoder
Ryoma Nagare - Original sub QC

GARO: Makai Senki (Joint with Over-Time)
Doesn't need it, but here's a repost of the folders on OT's site
HD .mkv folder
SD .mp4 folder
Running smoothly, I'm not a member of this project (hell I'm still on ep 12, yes I know I suck) but felt I had to mention it. Also will make a batch SD torrent when the series is done.

Team GARO:
HeatMetal - King of TL
Ignis - Timer/Secretary
AzraelNewtype - Encoder/QC/Editor
Lynxara - QC/Editor
Abigail - QC
Zetta - Former secondary TL
Kilowog - Makes the SD torrent (:V)

Space Sheriff Sharivan
.mkv folder
.avi folder
scripts folder
The scripts and mkvs have been tweaked from the previous batch to include terminology changes we've made. The avi are the original releases with no changes, new mp4s with the terminology tweaks are forthcoming.
This series is on indefinite hiatus for after Gavan is completed due to its nature as a sequel series. We will more than likely go right back to Sharivan once Gavan is finished.

Team Sharivan:
Zetta - TL/Editor
Kilowog - Editor/QC/Time fixing/muxer/Hardsub encoder
BunnyHat - Raw EncoderGustavaum - Former Raw Encoder

Kamen Rider Stronger (praise be to KIT Subs)
Reups for eps 1, 22-25
.mkv folder
.mp4 folder
Script folder
For the sjutton eps, refer to the torrent we made here or check previous posts. Focusing on other matters and probably won't reup them as soon as some of you may be hoping.
Project is slowly but surely on its way, sky and jeeg are saints, I won't rush them and their generosity. V2s of the Sjutton eps are definitely planned when jeeg or zetta or sky or anyone can find the time for it. But definitely expect a whole series batch by the time this is done.

Team Stronger:
sky79 - TL/timing (A TRUE SAINT)
Zetta and/or HeatMetal - TL checker/Editor
Steel A Jeeg - QC/Editor
sjutton/abareanon/mystery/decaend - Former TL/Timer
Kilowog - muxer/Hardsub encoder/Former QC
Ryoma Nagare - Former QC
Abigail - Former QC and Encoder


Kamen Rider ZX
V2 is being made with the assitance of Jeeg (I think it's a law at this point for him to work on all Showa rider subs).

Ultraman Tiga
Ok here's the thing, I am a terrible raw encoder, I've come to terms with that. Honestly I still have the R2 DVD9s for Tiga, if anyone wants to step up and encode those, I will definitely be all over that, even have some buddies who are willing to help with time fixing (I am not a good timer :v)
The torrents I made are still alive, dunno if they're seeded, I'll get on tiga at least if there are none.

See above, also don't have R2s for the original series.

Masked Rider Agito
Gomen Rider exists.

Masked Rider Ryuki Hyper Battle Video
Find me a raw that isn't horse shit, and this will get a v2 without the ungodly yellow font and with the lyrics that Ryuganon got from KouAidou.

Manga Projects:

Kamen Rider Spirits:
We have enlisted the help of Steel A jeeg for our SPIRITS project since it is the law for him to work on all Showa riders.
We will have jeegified v2s of volumes 8 and 9 as soon as possible, with tweaked typeset.
From there we will go from 10 on, hopefully to the end of the series.

Hybrid Insector:
Stalled because our tl has gone AWOL. Making one last attempt at contact, afterwhich I guess I'll bug RedHood?

Secret Manga Project X:
Volume 1 is being qcd right now after an ungodly amount of time of having the script sitting around gathering dust (I am so sorry RedHood). We hope you will enjoy it when it is released.

Team Midnight Crew Scans:
Makoto Hikawa - Cleaner for Spirits/best dude ever
RedHood - TL for Secret Project X and SPIRITS volumes 8, 11-13
That UK Windom Loving Anon - TL for SPIRITS volumes 9-10
Lightysnake - Cleaner for Secret Project X
Steel A Jeeg - QC for SPIRITS
Kilowog - QC/Editor for SPIRITS and Secret Project X
BunnyHat - QC/Editor for Secret Project X
MegaAnon - QC/Editor for Secret Project X
Darth Nihilus/Sir Duke of Mein Square - New typesetter for everything/Cleaner for Insector
God Movement - Typesetter for SPIRITS volume 8-9 v1s
Derf/The MSPaint Anon Bro - TL for Insector (please come back ;.;)

So to summarize as far as toku/anime projects are concerned
Active: Abaranger, Da-Garn, Gavan, Stronger, Kuuga v3
Indefinite Hiatus: Den-O, Kabuto, Sharivan
Finished: Kuuga v1
Dropped: Agito

Gavan will be a joint with 2 groups to evenly divide the work so we can get the whole series out quickly but not sacrifice quality.
We have two other toku projects planned, one is slowly being worked on and the other is merely theoretical at this point. But the staff on one of them is different from the other projects, so that one shouldn't hinder any active projects, or vice versa.

So yeah there's your status update on everything ever.

Monday, March 19, 2012

GARO Makai Senki Episode 23




HD Torrent:

SD Torrent:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pirate Sentai Gokaiger vs Space Sheriff Gavan – DVD

Much thanks to Over-Time for working with us on the joint project.

BD version coming soonish.




Sunday, March 11, 2012

GARO Makai Senki Episode 22


HD Torrent:

SD Torrent:



Sunday, March 4, 2012

GARO Makai Senki Episode 21


HD Torrent:

SD Torrent:



Friday, March 2, 2012

Stronger Episode 25

In this episode, Jo Shigeru dies in lava! I'm just kidding, he only ends up on the electric chair. Which is totally how you kill a guy who has electricity in his power set.




Much thanks to Jeeg, sky and Heat for helping with this.