Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kuuga Episode 13

Now. I'm certain you aren't here to listen to my rambling, so let's get down to business.

MU Episode 13

MF Episode 13

Enjoy, people.

Obligatory who we are post.

We are Midnight Crew Subs. Pretty much just a bunch of guys that got tired of waiting for certain shows to get subbed and decided to do it ourselves.

Our main project for the moment will be Kamen Rider Kuuga, which we will be starting from episode 13.

Why 13 and not from the beginning you may ask? That's because there's already perfectly fine subs from SCS Works for 1-12. I recommend that you go check them out.

Now, we are pretty new to subbing in general so any feedback would be appreciated.


Abigail - QC, Timing, Encoding
Zetta - Translation, Timing
Ryoma - QC